The Meditations Include:
Breathing Through the Cervix Meditation
Be gently guided to bring your awareness to your cervix and begin to breath through your cervix into your pelvic bowl. This meditation is a wonderful way to incorporate pelvic presence into your daily practice, to reduce stress, and to bring vital life-force to your cervix and womb.
Mandala of the Cervix Meditation

Meet the beautiful, always unfolding energetic mandala that is the face of your cervix. The cervix is continuously flowing beautiful new cells out from the cervical canal and to its face, this journey guides you to ‘see’ the beautiful energetic mandala within your own body. This meditation is a great practice to do when you want to feel a deeper connection to your cervix, when you’re in the midst of a transition and want to check in on the energetic flow of your cervix, or when you’re simply inspired to return to the beauty of your cervical energy.

*A second invitation to go along with this meditation is to then draw/paint/creatively express in some way what you ‘saw’ during this meditation.

Golden Orb Meditation

Encase your entire pelvic bowl in a beautiful golden orb of protection and encasement. This guided journey is perfect to use after doing any sort of energetic cleansing of the cervix or womb, to be done after any practice with the cervix, or when you're feeling open and vulnerable, and want to protect your sacred cervical energy from being hooked into. 

I hope these meditations help you feel connected and more in love with your beautiful body!

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